Wooden briquettes

Produced in export quality according to DIN 51731. An outstanding ecological fuel for tiled stove, open fireplace, stove for solid fuel, fire-place stove, wood boilers.

They are produced using the German technology line and made of slean sawdust, presed under high pressure, using no bonding agents.

During the combustion only a little volume of smoke arises, without any harmful gases. In comparison with coal or heating oil they contain no sulphur. Ash from them can be used as fertilizer in the gardens because they contain potassium.

The wooden briquettes should be stored in dry spaces, as the atmospheric humidity, cold or frost do not interfere with them.

Fire will be made in a classical way, with an open inlet of air. When briquettes begin to burn properly the inlet of air will be reduced, after some 30 minutes the briquettes cease to burn in flame and glow for many hours and yeild the necessary heat.

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